Pig Ears

Are your little guys real chewers? They will go bonkers over these 100% natural oven roasted pork ear dog chews! Made in the USA of course. These chews are deliciously roasted to perfection for the perfect chew. They massage the gums, reduce tartar, and help maintain clean teeth. These are on the top of the list for satisfying that urge to chew. Good for any size dog. They come regular and smoked flavors. They have no preservatives and don’t require refrigeration, they are fully oven cooked. 2 Count and 10 Count bags.

$3.89 Natural 2Ct
$4.25 Smoked 2Ct

$10.89 Natural 10Ct
$11.49 Smoked 10Ct
Pig Ears
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Price $3.89